Our team is a collection of talented editors, content designers, artists, and behind-the-scenes people who make it all function. We’re proudly women-owned and based in Atlanta, Georgia. If you check out our culture and values and think you’re a good fit, we’d be honored to hear from you.

Current Opportunities

There are currently no open positions.

Our Values

Cover Design


We believe in the transformative power of words. Story is a powerful tool for conveying nuance and exhibiting ideas in action, and our authors and their work is at the heart of what we do.



We are driven by curiosity, and we know many of our readers share our desire to learn new things and conquer new skills. We strive to create a working environment where our team members can innovate independently and collaboratively, as well as continue to grow personally and professionally.




Our processes and all that we do are built around a commitment to quality, clarity, and beauty. Perfection is only a static destination, and chasing it can be paralyzing; precision is about being careful and exact, and it’s a sustainable path that leads to progress.


Layout Design


We believe publishing should be an industry where anyone can tell their story and find themselves in the content they read. We are dedicated to making all kinds of knowledge accessible to anyone curious and dedicated enough to seek it, whether you’re holding a print book, using a screen reader, or listening to an audiobook.


How We Work

Flex Time

We’re outcome-focused and 9 to 5 averse. Our team works on a schedule that works for them. We have moms and dads, dog parents, and people who love to work at 11 pm or 4 am. We are huge users of asynchronous communication. 

Remote / WFH

Like many professional service businesses, we went full remote due to COVID, and we might never go back. We’ve loved seeing children, dogs, and spouses, and this grand experiment is working just fine – so we’ll keep at it.

Co-working Sessions

Since going remote, we’ve loved having opportunities to gather and host co-working sessions at The Elevator Factory in Grant Park. We’re also big fans of meeting up for lunch at local restaurants. 

FTE / Contractor

We have plenty of members of our team who have been both FTEs for us and contractors as suits their lives. We’re open to part time people and people who really want to just duck in for short- or long-term assignments.


Our founder had a long-term contract for a client in Sweden, and she visited so often she got mistaken for a Swede. One of the things she picked up is the tradition of Fika. So, we gather and have a coffee and something sweet. You can’t smell a baked good over Zoom, but we savor our time playing a game or just having some coffee together.

Wheel Spins

Birthday? Anniversary? Did something neat? We have a big wheel we spin for prizes.

Hiring Process FAQ

We’re looking for your skills, strengths, and accomplishments. If you have a portfolio site or work samples, please include the link on your resume. It’s okay for your resume to be more than one page – most professionals with distinguished careers can’t fit their achievements on one page. But, be succinct! And check your resume carefully – we’re likely to reject anyone with typos or grammatical issues. 

On the position page, you’ll see buttons that say, “Apply Here” and “Apply Via LinkedIn.” Please use one of these buttons. 

Please do not just email us your resume, and do not call our office as one of the beagles may answer the phone.  

Depending on the position, we do hire junior positions where we expect we’ll be teaching you how to do the job. This will be clearly stated on the position and on the ad. 

Our team reviews applicants for open positions, and we either let applicants know we’re not interested at this time or we schedule interviews. 

It’s a little different in the age of COVID. The first step is a brief video call with a member of our team to have a conversation and figure out if you’ll be a good fit. This is a brief conversation and just focuses on getting to know you a bit.

The next step is a full interview with the manager of the area with the opening. This interview will be a bit longer and focus on reviewing your achievements, getting to know you, and answering any questions you have about us.

From here, depending on the position, you might have a technical interview to make sure your skills fit what we need. You might also have a peer session with someone already doing the job we’re hiring for. At the conclusion of the process, we’ll either make an offer or we’ll let you know we’ve filled the position with another candidate. We try to communicate clearly and not leave you hanging. 

Review the job description and understand how your accomplishments are a good fit for what we’re looking for. Make sure you’re in a comfortable spot, and that your video and technology are working. We’re very patient with dogs, babies, and spouses that may wander into the scene, and we aren’t going to use a Room Rater system as part of our decision. We’d like you to look professional even on video, but we don’t wear suits, so you shouldn’t feel like you need to. Have a good breakfast and have some water handy. 

Almost. Because many of our clients are high-profile and we work on some sensitive projects, we ask all candidates to complete a background check and any further technical tests. We’ll also check your social media profiles and, depending on the client, we may also request you pass a drug screen.

Sorry, but no, we don’t. We’re not a large enough business to handle the added expenses and fees with supporting candidates who need a visa. Same with relocation. Many of our positions are 100% remote. 

We certainly do. We’re women-owned and committed to supporting diversity in every way diversity is measured.