About Us

D’Aulnoy Editions is an indie book publisher specializing in narrative nonfiction, memoir, social sciences, fiction, and anthologies. We like authentic, approachable, and compelling writing by emerging authors with something to say. We’re proudly women-owned and based in East Atlanta Village.

Reading Periods

D’Aulnoy Editions is open to submissions during two reading periods each year:

  • Spring Reading Period: April 20 – June 20
  • Summer Reading Period: July 22 – September 22


Who was Madame d’Aulnoy? Read our founding story.

Our Team

Our team is a collection of talented editors, content designers, artists, and behind-the-scenes people who make it all function.

Emily Owens
Managing Editor
Lauren Kelliher
Senior Editor
Charlotte Bleau
Assistant Managing Editor
Telia Garner
Illustrator & Editorial Assistant

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